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  • Clubs & Activities

    Clubs & Activities

    We encourage our students to participate in Intramurals (Grade 1-Grade 6) at recess and at lunch, Choir (Grade 3-Grade 6), Running Club (grade 3-grade 6), School Patrols (Grade 6), and Flags (Grade 5).

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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

    The mission of Kameyosek School is to ensure that all students achieve success in their studies and demonstrate ongoing growth in their character development. We believe this mission is being accomplished through the ongoing cooperation, commitment, communication and partnership in education between parents, students, staff and community members. The mission is being accomplished through exemplary staff performance, program diversity, measured student achievement of outcomes and cooperative decision making. At Kameyosek, we are a caring community working together to instill within children the desire to pursue excellence in all facets of their education. We believe that we provide quality education in a positive, safe and caring learning environment.



    Student Rights and Responsibilities

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Principal's Message


Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year.  As we begin the new school year I hope that you have had a wonderful summer break with lots of rest and opportunities to enjoy numerous activities with friends and family.  Hopefully you and your child were able to continue with reading daily and were able to continue writing in a journal about your adventures over the summer.  Basic math facts are another area to practice for five or ten minutes daily to keep the information logged into your child’s memory bank.  

Students will use their agendas for regular communication between the family and the school. Please read the information included which will give you a better understanding of Kameyosek School.   It is very important that you participate in the agenda use process with the children as this encourages organizational skills and enhances communication between us all.

Together, as a team we form the Golden Triangle of Support for our children.  As the base, parents and teachers offer a strong foundation to the children at the apex of the triangle.  Our consistent effort to support the children’s endeavors, academically and socially throughout the year, will ensure optimum success for all.

The School along with the Parent Council will work together to keep our Kameyosek Community in regular communication about the policies and directions we will be planning this year. Many diverse ideas allow us to consider all alternatives before we embark on our journeys.  SchoolZone is an integral and essential component for all families to keep in communication with the school about its activities and their child’s class information and performance.

Our Parent Council is very important because of all the activities they support and the assistance they provide to our school community on field trips both inside and outside the classroom.  At Kameyosek each class participates in many field trips.  We will need parent volunteers to meet the safety ratios for supervising and\or to assist in the facilitation of the skills being focused on which vary depending on the event. 

The work of our Parent Council and the support they provide from the casino fundraiser and other activities has allowed our families to have first rate technology, numerous additional support resources for science, math, phys-ed, music and for our library and kindergarten rooms. 

The school will have more than 250 children this year and I would like to welcome our new families that will begin with us in September 2023. 

If you have any questions, concerns or bouquets you wish to share with us please do not hesitate to contact the school at 780 462-8724.  We can also be contacted through email at kameyosek@epsb.ca.  

I am looking forward to another good year of working together with our parents to ensure the success of the children. 

HP Signature

Hector Pothier


Kameyosek School