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Parent Groups

The Kameyosek School Council and the Parent Advisory Council (responsible for monetary issues), play an intregal role in the life of Kameyosek Students. All parents are invited to participate and attend council meetings to ensure the views of the Kameyosek Parent Community are well represented.  Babysitting is provided free of charge.

Over the past two years PAC has raised $85 000.00 from their Casino. As a result, Kameyosek School, through the support of the Parent Council, was able to purchase a new state of the art broadcast room, chromebooks for every student, as well as to refurbish the library with approximately $70 000.00 of new materials, from reading support, to home reading books, to curriculum support materials and cultural support materials.  Last year, our students were fortunate to be able to attend a week at Active Living School (Grade 4 and Grade 6), Fort School (Grade 5), and Jube School (Grade 3) thanks to our Parent Advisory Council.  Field trips, either out of school or in school, our students particpate in, are paid for by our Parent Advisory Council including subsidizing the cost of chartering buses to and from these locations.  Also our Parent Advisory Council sponsors and organizes a monthly lunch for our students.

Council meets on the last TBA of every month unless a conflict with events or holidays occur. The schedule for Parent Council & Advisory Council for 2019-2020 is as follows:

September 18

6:30 pm



November 27

6:30 pm



January 29

6:30 pm



April 1




June 3


Come out, join the Councils and provide the input and advice that assists Kameyosek School in becoming the best it can be.