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Lunch and Nutrition

Lunch Room Information

Fees for 2020-2021:

Students are encouraged to go home for lunch when possible.  It is not a District Policy or School Policy for your child to stay at school for lunch.  When your child stays at school for lunch, parents/guardians provide the lunch, including eating utensils (the school does not provide lunch or eating utensils as part of the monthly lunch room fee). The fees collected pay our lunch room supervisors-your child is supervised during the lunch hour whether they are indoors or outside. Please note, your child will go outside after eating their lunch unless the temperature is -23 Celsius or colder (District Policy) or unless it is raining (under these two weather conditions students remain indoors and are supervised indoors). Please ensure your child has the appropriate outdoor clothing.

The monthly lunch room fee is $15.00 per month per child and is due the first school day of each school month.  The preferred method of payment is credit card via SchoolZone.

The occasional fee is $2.00 per day per child if your child needs to stay for lunch on a non-regular basis.  Lunch, including eating utensils, is provided by the parents/guardians.


Microwaves are provided for our students to use during their lunch hour for quickly heating their food or to warm up last night's leftovers.  Please do not send frozen meal entrees or noodle cups (cup of soup, Kraft dinner cups etc) or popcorn for your child's lunch-these items take too long to heat.